Language Translations and Fact Sheets – Still a Struggle?

Mar 2, 2016 5:30:00 AM / by Cynthia Taylor

Topics: Streamline Fund Documentation Creation, Fund Fact Sheet

The Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities – better known as UCITS – provide a single European regulatory framework for an investment vehicle. This regulatory uniformity makes it possible to market an investment vehicle across the EU without worrying about the country in which it is domiciled.

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The Skeleton in the Cupboard of Best-Selling Fund Managers

Feb 25, 2016 5:30:00 AM / by Cynthia Taylor

Topics: Streamline Fund Documentation Creation, Fund Fact Sheet, FinTech

How very interesting that a publication like Ignites Europe actually has a tab or “sub-tab” under Research & Data titled "Best-Selling Managers."

Articles such as, BlackRock Tops International Sales Table; State Street Dominates UK Fund Sales; BlackRock, Deutsche Dominate International Sales; and JP Morgan Dominates Cross-Borders Sales most certainly beg the question, what makes them “best-selling”?

According to Lipper’s Best-Selling Managers rankings, BlackRock was at the top of the International-Top 5 Best Selling Managers chart, measured by quarterly net sales (in millions of Euros), in Q3 2015. Clearly, BlackRock’s dominance in the league table confirms its successful deployment of marketing materials, performance reporting or other forms of investor communication. They also certainly know how to navigate the press, as all of the articles listed above with various titles relate to the same league table category.

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Mobile Traffic Surpasses Desktop Traffic – How Does This Impact Fact Sheets?

Feb 24, 2016 6:00:00 AM / by John Bartlett

Topics: Fund Fact Sheet

Here is a very interesting statistic – in November 2014 Google’s traffic from mobile devices surpassed desktops for the first time. We all love our phones and tablets, right? Think that growth is slowing down? It gets even more interesting when you think about how web traffic usage changes with age and demographic categories.

Why does this matter? Because if your Investment Fund Fact Sheet publishing strategy does not align with how the market is accessing and viewing the content, then maybe you need to think about your publishing strategy.

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How European Asset Management Regulation Has Become a Reporting Nightmare

Feb 18, 2016 5:30:00 AM / by Cynthia Taylor

Topics: Fund Regulatory Requirements, Fund Fact Sheet

An article that appeared in Ignites Europe this week highlights the increased workload and stress, which the reporting and legal teams at European asset managers are feeling in anticipation of upcoming regulatory changes and requirements initiated by MiFID II legislation. Not to mention that 30 percent of asset manager change budgets will be spent implementing the new rules, according to a survey conducted recently by Alpha FMC.  

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Netflix, Big Data and Your Investment Fund Digital Strategy

Oct 27, 2015 5:30:00 AM / by John Bartlett

Topics: Fund Document Automation, Fund Fact Sheet

This is one of the most fascinating data stories I have read, and it relates to crafting an investment fund digital strategy:

When the TV show and movie streaming service Netflix strategically decided on producing its own content, its executives had to think hard about what that content might be. The answer didn't come from the screenwriters, but from Netflix’s own customer data. The data showed that subscribers loved movies directed by David Fincher, adored pretty much anything featuring Kevin Spacey and lapped up political thrillers. Thus, producing House of Cards was a no-brainer. As it turned out, the show was a huge hit. Using the right data proved this.

There has been a lot of talk about how investment fund asset managers can use big data to form a digital strategy. But to use the data, you must first have it. Where will fund managers find such data?

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What Should Fact Sheet Production Learn from Social Media?

Oct 22, 2015 5:30:00 AM / by John Bartlett

Topics: Streamline Fund Documentation Creation, Fund Fact Sheet

Databases. Tons of interconnected databases. But it does not stop there. Not only are Google, Facebook and Twitter using databases, but they have built their front-end interfaces in such ways that you don’t even know you are using them. Damn they are good.

I am not sure if you have ever thought about it this way, but what Google, Facebook and Twitter are is a collection of massive databases that allow users to store and share information with each other. Think about that: store and share in an easy, elegant way.

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Data Visualization and Its Impact on Fact Sheets

Oct 20, 2015 5:30:00 AM / by John Bartlett

Topics: Fund Fact Sheet

Have you ever seen this? I came across it for the first time the other day, and I was blown away.

Charles Minard was a French civil engineer recognized for his significant contribution to the field of information graphics in civil engineering and statistics. This image is a visualization that he created in 1869 describing Napoleon's march and retreat on Moscow in 1812/1813. The image is described as one of the best statistical drawings ever created.

Broadly speaking, the visual tells the story of Napoleon gathering a massive army of 400,000 advancing on Moscow, then returning with around 10,000.

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Fund Fact Sheet Teams Beware - 90% of Spreadsheets Contain Errors

Oct 6, 2015 4:30:00 AM / by John Bartlett

Topics: Fund Fact Sheet

Spreadsheets create an illusion of orderliness, accuracy, and integrity.

The tidy rows and columns of data, instant calculations, eerily invisible updating, and other features of these ubiquitous instruments contribute to this soothing impression.

I remember reading three years ago about the "London Whale" when JP Morgan Chase announced that it had lost over $6 billion. I assumed it was a rogue trader gone bad. Come to find out it was not hubris, but a spreadsheet error. Read below:

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Video: How FundHive Streamlines Investment Document Data Normalization

Oct 1, 2015 6:00:00 AM / by John Bartlett

Topics: Fund Document Consistency, Fund Fact Sheet

Investment document data normalization is one of the most crucial – and difficult – steps in the financial document lifecycle.

It is a complex process of mapping and organizing the attributes and tables of a relational database to minimize data redundancy. Facing tight deadlines and increased regulatory pressure, many financial reporting teams struggle with this frequent and complicated task.

To explain how FundHive streamlines data normalization into an efficient, repeatable process, we created this video. We hope that you find it educational and informative. In addition, listed below is the full text of the video for our users with hearing disabilities.

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Big Data, Visualization, Charts, Graphs, & Fund Fact Sheet Production

Sep 28, 2015 6:00:00 AM / by John Bartlett

Topics: Fund Document Automation, Fund Fact Sheet

I had two experiences recently that were seemingly unrelated initially but the more I thought about them they were very connected.

Conversation #1 - I was with the Spectra team talking to senior members of the marketing department of an asset management company. The subject of fact sheet production came up. They mentioned the significant volume of monthly fact sheets they produced with the proliferation of fund and share classes. They further highlighted the fact that they needed a substantial production team that simply loaded financial data into Excel spreadsheets so they could produce all of the required charts for the numerous fact sheets. I sat there and thought wow, why not automate that?

Conversation #2 – I was at a Big Data conference this week talking about the explosive growth and use of Big Data in both the public and the private sector. The drivers behind this are:

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